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Τρίτη, 4 Οκτωβρίου 2011

3.750/41 Dec Technical Significance
121.21 146.23 68% Probable High (pg 801
121.11 146.13 Today's High
120.31 146.02 100-day highest close
121.07 146.70 *** 10:10NY TUE 04 OCT***
120.08 145.11 Weekly Pivot High
120.00 145.04 Today's Low
119.24 144.28 Weekly Envelope High
Position At Open/Close Target Stop
FLAT 139.2300 2011-08-18T11:04:00    

Yields were higher in the long end going into today's open following sharp gains yesterday. The latest pounding in stocks has lifted all boats (in treasuries), though bullish structure from Monday needs further confirmation today. We'd have preferred a weaker open, but another slam in equities keeps bond bulls on track. Last: 146-01 [07:55]  

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